Coastal Exploration Co. - Beer Under Sail

Every now and again we work on something that’s just so special. This project is something that is close to our heart here at SkyRise and we just thouroghly enjoyed the whole process of this film from start to finish.

Earlier this year we were put on to the amazing Coastal Exploration Company by our good friend, photographer and expedition leader Ian Finch. Ian had already worked with CEC on a photoshoot and also some modelling on their boats for North Sea Clothing. CEC is an amazing project set up by owner/skipper and all round great guy Henry Chamberlain. Based in North Norfolk he owns and sails three traditonal sailing/whelking boats, taking people on various trips around the stunning marshes and coastal waterways. Ranging from gentle sailing and picnic days out, to mini concerts onboard, gin tasting, navigation and sailing training and even smuggling voyages! (not real smuggling obviously!!).

SkyRise were asked by Henry to film an amazing project that would involve a beer delivery under sail. The premise for the trip would be to take locally brewed beer from Barsham Brewery in West Barsham, Norfolk under sail, 35 miles up the coast to the stunning Bank House in King’s Lynn. The whole trip would be done in a sustainable manner, even using an electric van to get the beer from the brewery to the boat, then to sail the beer up the coast purely by the power of the wind and sea. The aim of the project is to revive the traditional sailing routes of the part of the UK coast and hopefully beyond and to encourage more sustainable transport of goods.

What unfolded was to be an epic film trip. Once the beer was loaded onto the ‘Salford’ we headed out along the coast under full sail with seven Firkins (Kegs or Barells) onboard. For the first few hours we gently sailed along the stunning coastline out from Wells next the Sea and headed North and into the sunset. However, later on that night, as we started to make our way round the top of the Norfolk coast towards King’s Lynn we were hit by strong Northerly winds and rain. It made for a very exciting night as we rushed along on a rolling sea at 7 knots!

Eventually we made it to out final destination in the early hours tired, weather beaten but elated that we had made it safe and sound with the first cargo of beer to be delivered by sail in Norlfolk for a long, long time.

It was organised that at 4pm a row boat would come off to us and and the beer to then be loaded, and rowed to the shore in a small dock called The Purfleet, taken down into the cellar of Banks House just next door on the quayside, where it could then be served in the bar of the hotel.

A perfectly executed project, which showed that dedication and passion for something always comes good. From a filming point of view it was challenging and technically difficult at times due to close quarters on the boat, the weather and the long hours, but a thoroughly rewarding experience.

A final icing on the cake was a preview of the film shown at Banks House in front of an audience that included the Mayor of Kings Lynn, plus of course a few pints of the tasty beer that we deleivered!

Henry is now looking to do regular cargo deliveries and has signed up with various business’ in the area. So it looks like it could be the start of something very special for not only Henry and his crew, but also the local community.

See the film here.

Sean Conway world record trans Europe cycle film trip!

In April 2018 we have the huge privilege of filming Sean Conway as he attempts to break the world record for cycling across the whole of Europe.  

Sean will be starting this epic, self supported record cycling attempt from the Western most point of Europe, in Cabo de Roca in Portugal. From here he will be cycling some 4500 miles through 8 countries, all the way to Ufa which is 1500 miles into Russia, the Eastern most point of Europe.

To break the self supported record he will need to do it in less than 25 days, which means he'll have to cycle between 160 and 180 miles a day, every day for over 3 weeks! That's no mean feat!!

SkyRise productions will be filming and following Sean the whole way. We will have two crew to document the trip.  Living out of a large 4x4 camper van, we will be tasked with recording the highs and lows, epic scenery, Sean's progress and his interaction with the environment and people of each country he passes through.  Not only will it be an endurance film, but also an adventure documentary and magical cinematic journey with one of the worlds greatest endurance athletes.

As well as recording footage for the main film, we will be blogging, vlogging, tweeting, Instagramming, creating mini films and stories every day whilst on the trip.  They'll be behind the scenes up dates, interviews with Sean,  and anything else we can share on ours and Sean's socials.

So, that is our big announcement.  Pretty special we hope you'll agree!

Keep an eye out for us on Instagram and Twitter etc for updates as we get closer to the trip date which is set for the 16th April...That's next month folks!!

Sidetracked Instagram stories.

Last week we had an incredible trip up to Snowdonia for three days of hiking and mountain climbing. An amazing time was had as we climbed Tryfan, Moel Hebog and Glyder Fach respectively in at times very adverse weather conditions.  Whilst there Chris Mayers took his DSLR to capture some of the stunning sites along the way. We also captured content to create three days worth of Instagram stories for Sidetracked. And some video for a small film we are making for Terra Nova Equipment and Extremities Wear. 

We are also writing up a Field Diaries article about our trip for Sidetracked which will be online soon. 

Some of the pics we took can be seen below...

SkyRise 1st Birthday!!

Today we are proud to celebrate SkyRise Productions first birthday.  It was exactly a year ago that we headed up to the Lake District to film with Sean Conway to make the film 'A life more adventurous'.

We have had an incredible first year, working with some truly inspiring people and made some films we are really proud of. We are now looking to 2018 where we already have projects in the pipeline and are very excited about things to come.

To celebrate have headed up to Snowdonia for 3 days of hiking. Plus we have created a gallery of images featuring stills from all the films we have worked on in our first year of film production.

View the gallery here.

Filming with Sean Conway up at Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District in December 2016.

Filming with Sean Conway up at Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District in December 2016.

Interview for Raise them Wild

Recently Kev was messaged by the quirky micro adventurer and all round great guy Jon Doolan to meet him next to the River Thames for an interview on his new podcast called Raise them Wild.

Kev chatted to Jon about how important it is to bring up his two children to love the outdoors and to try not to let them spend too much time on their gadgets! A problem that if you are a parent, you know how difficult this can be! 

They talked about getting Kev's kids involved with wild swimming, trail running, country walks and picnics.  Also some tips on how to make outdoor movies with your family.  

Watch the full interview here:

Terra Nova tent review

On a recent wild camping & film trip up to the Lake District I was luckily enough to have the use of a Terra Nova tent.  I was asked by the guys at Terra Nova to test the tent out and give it a review for their website and blog.

On the trip we were subjected to some pretty adverse weather conditions, including 50pmh winds on the top of a mountain. The tent was definitely put through its paces, but passed with flying colours! See full review here .

a productive day in the city...

Yesterday we had a very productive day in London.  I met up with Pip Stewart in a coffee shop near Tower Bridge to discuss a great film idea she wants us to produce.

When Pip is not working as an adventure editor for RedBull Media, she is off on amazing trips to far flung corners of the world.  These include cycling 10,000 miles from Malaysia to London and a 3,000 mile cycle, boat and plane journey exploring Brazil and Peru to raise awareness of the environmental issues in the region.

Pip has an infectious zing for life and always wears a big smile. We also chewed the cud about adventure, life and more.  Can't wait to get this project started with her..

I also had a phone conversation with the guys at Onso London. They make women's running skirts and want us to produce a running film to help promote their really cool products.

So all in all a great day for SkyRise....

Kent Countryside film shoot.

Last week Josh and I headed out to the stunning rolling hills and woods of the North Kent.  Our idea was to capture the best of what the location had to offer, filming amongst dark mysterious hidden woods, sweeping valleys and interesting old buildings. 

We are planning to produce a short film as a personal project between Josh and I, that will also include a poem about Kent and its beautiful scenery. 

We had a great day, and walked over 7 miles, shooting some great content as we went.  It also gave us time to discuss a bigger film shoot we'll be both be working on next week up in the Lake District, along with Neil Irwin and Gael Mclaughlin.  We will be filming Ian Finch on a 4 day trek across the lakes.

Latest film now live - Phoebe Smith - Becoming the Wild One

Fairly recently we had the great honour of spending a weekend filming wild camping and extreme  sleeping expert, Phoebe Smith, as she hiked and camped in the beautiful setting of the South Downs National Park.

In the film, Phoebe sets out to show you that even if you have a busy 9-5 job, that it is easy to go out into the countryside and find stunning places to camp.  Places that can be just on your doorstep.

Phoebe was great to work with and we really enjoyed filming with her.  Also a big thanks to Dan Taylor Woodrow for lending a hand filming.  He is usually busy filming TopGear, but managed to free up a weekend to come out with us.

Phoebe Smith

Kodak // 27 Images - A photographers journey on foot across the Lake District

We are pleased to announce that we have dates set for a fantastic new film shoot with photographer and expedition leader Ian Finch.

In late September we will be heading up to the Lake District National Park for a 4 day film shoot to follow Ian as he crosses on foot, the whole of the lakes, from North to South. He will be documenting the journey with the use of an instamatic Kodak camera limited to just 27 images.  No DSLR's, no smartphones, no modern tech. Just photography in its purist form. 

We will be following and filming Ian as he passes through this stunning landscape.  This looks set to be a pretty special project and we can't wait to get stuck in. 

Kodak // 27 Images

Ian Finch

Ian Finch

Drone flying with Phoebe Smith

Yesterday I hopped over to Windsor to meet up with Phoebe Smith.  We chatted about adventure and travelling over coffee, then we headed out to Windsor park with her brand new DJI Spark drone.

Phoebe is heading off for a solo walk of the Greenland coastline very soon, so she wanted me to give her some lessons on using her drone. I have never flown the smaller Spark before.  I'm used to flying the Inspire or Phantom.  However, after a fiddly setting up process, we were up, up and away. It is very easy to use, and has some amazing features.

I think with a little more practice, Phoebe will have it nailed, all ready for getting some amazing footage whilst in Greenland.

Forthcoming film with Ian Finch

We recently had a meeting with wilderness guide, photographer and cultural researcher Ian Finch to plan an awesome film project. It's all under wraps at the moment, so we can't reveal too much at this stage.  But what we can say is that it's going to be a very special film and we are all super-excited about it!

Filming starts towards the end of next month in one of the most stunning locations in the country. We will announce more as we get closer to the film date...

A blog about a blog!

We recently made a film with adventurer and author Alastair Humphreys.  We had a crew of 4 which included asking along quirky micro adventurer and blogger Jon Doolan to help out.  We knew he is a big fan of Alastair so we thought it'd be a great chance for Jon to get to see his hero in action on a film shoot!

Jon really enjoyed his day with us, likewise we really enjoyed him having him help out.  Please follow this link to his blog, as he explains in great humour about how the day unfolded....


Jon Doolan

Jon Doolan