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Sean Conway world record trans Europe cycle film trip!

In April 2018 we have the huge privilege of filming Sean Conway as he attempts to break the world record for cycling across the whole of Europe.  

Sean will be starting this epic, self supported record cycling attempt from the Western most point of Europe, in Cabo de Roca in Portugal. From here he will be cycling some 4500 miles through 8 countries, all the way to Ufa which is 1500 miles into Russia, the Eastern most point of Europe.

To break the self supported record he will need to do it in less than 25 days, which means he'll have to cycle between 160 and 180 miles a day, every day for over 3 weeks! That's no mean feat!!

SkyRise productions will be filming and following Sean the whole way. We will have two crew to document the trip.  Living out of a large 4x4 camper van, we will be tasked with recording the highs and lows, epic scenery, Sean's progress and his interaction with the environment and people of each country he passes through.  Not only will it be an endurance film, but also an adventure documentary and magical cinematic journey with one of the worlds greatest endurance athletes.

As well as recording footage for the main film, we will be blogging, vlogging, tweeting, Instagramming, creating mini films and stories every day whilst on the trip.  They'll be behind the scenes up dates, interviews with Sean,  and anything else we can share on ours and Sean's socials.

So, that is our big announcement.  Pretty special we hope you'll agree!

Keep an eye out for us on Instagram and Twitter etc for updates as we get closer to the trip date which is set for the 16th April...That's next month folks!!