Bounty Project - Promo Film - Meeting notes.

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Bounty Project promo film.


Project Date:




SkyRise Productions to produce a promotional film for the Bounty Project.  The aim is to capture footage of a typical sailing trip taking children on an adventure in Bounty's End around the waterways of Plymouth Harbour.


Project in Detail:

Filming to take place in an around Plymouth harbour over a number of days (possibly between 4 and 7 days?), to capture enough footage to show a typical 2 or 3 day trip in the Bounty's End with a group of children.  Prior to the filming, a passage plan/route will be drawn up using Google maps and images, showing in detail the journey to be made.  From this SkyRise can draw up a storyboard, with details of possible filming shots throughout the trip.

The Bounty project aims to not only help under privileged children but to encourage children to get outdoors and lead a more adventurous and healthy life, away from the trappings of modern life. Influences for the film are drawn from the 2012 Olympics promo film (watch here). A typical trip will include sailing out of the marina (Bounty Project base) into the waterways of Plymouth's protected harbour to incorporate various activities. 

These can include;

Sailing round the harbour and surrounding waterways.

Passages to various beaches, coves, rivers and creeks. 

Wild camping at various locations.

Making fires and cooking on beaches or in forests.

Foraging and fishing for food.

Bushcraft techniques.

Pirate games.


One idea for the film discussed in the meeting was to film a child playing a computer game in his or her darkened bedroom.  Glued to the screen playing a game that involves boats.  Various shots of child, including final clip of that scene as a close up of their face/eyes.  Camera then zooms out to reveal the child is on the Bounty's End boat as they sail out of the marina into the harbour at the start of the adventure.  

Storyboarding and planning of various locations to shoot will be detailed at a later date.




Baring in mind this film project will involve children and film crew on boats in open water situations, as well as camp fires and camping in the open elements, certain safety factors will have to be addressed. SkyRise will action the various health & safety procedures to suit the film shoot as the planning progresses. 

The possibility of having the use of an extra boat (small inflatable motor boat/rib) for filming as well as ferrying crew and children to base back at the marina if need be, has been discussed. To be confirmed.


Bounty's End.

Bounty's End.