Hi Folks,

So I thought it would be cool to chuck a whole bunch of stuff about the Post Runner on a blog type page to share with you guys.  I can then update it as things move along and ping you all the link on What's App as and when the updates are worthy of sharing!  Groovy!!

So here we go....

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 14.34.29.png

Were we are at so far....

The pre production stage of the film is well underway.  I have been researching a lot and digging into the history of the story and trying to pull out some of the finer details, plus I am actively contacting brands to get involved.

Recent highlights include:

  • First sponsor is onboard.  I managed to get some kit from Terra Nova for my training, including an awesome tent and sleeping bag for trail running camp outs, and winter trail running kit such as gloves, hats and a pair of gators for hiking. It'll also help to raise the profile, having them onboard. I have upped my training now, to include longer runs, which I will increase in distanceP as the weeks and months progress.
  • It turns out the Duncan Mackenzie did wear a kilt. So that is great.  I have also contacted a Kilt makers in Glasgow who are keen to provide or even tailor me one for the film.
  • It looks like the Post Runners diet consisted of things like bread and mutton whilst they where out in the hills. (No energy bars!!)
  • I have contacted the Highlands archives, and although there are bits and pieces of info online, they struggled to find anything in their archives and databases. So the search for further historical info goes on.  But I am thinking of contacting the British Postal museum and one particular website I found online mentions some names I could possibly contact.
  • Paul Hollywood gave me his personal email and looks like he is interested in helping out to do an interview.  Plus Sean Conway and Lizzy Carr have both agreed to do interviews also.
  • I now have some training trips planned.  The first, which will be made into the first official teaser film, will shot by Neil in the Wye Valley next week.  Then I'm off to climb some mountains with Chris in Snowdonia a week after that.  Plus Sean Conway has agreed to train with me in the Lake District in the new year.  I'll make a teaser film from this also, as Chris will be coming along and can film and take snaps.  So all good in that respect.
  • John Summerton over at Sidetracked has agreed to feature the film in one of next years issues (one later on in the year). Ian will be capturing images for this which I'm super stoked about. I will also be taking over Sidetracked's Instagram account to do some Insta stories whilst in Snowdonia. So if your'e on IG then keep a look out for that.

Film location/logistics

Duncan's route took him from Poolewe in the West, across to near Dingall near Inverness and back. I have started to piece together, from what I can gather from online, a rough trail that he would have followed.  It does in fact go along Loch Maree, which is in the pic above.  Pretty stunning isn't it.  So the Google map below is basically from typing in Poolewe to Dingwall as a walking route. This actually follows the road along, on he path, so I now need to find a route that follows in this general direction across rough ground (as there were no roads back then).

Click for bigger picture.

So it is now a case of working out the actual route itself, then from this we can start to build a picture of where to film certain scenes, access, places to stay along the way etc.  This will be the next piece the jigsaw...

Ian and I discussed going up the highlands in the new year, for a few days to do some more research, take a closer look at the route and do some more digging into the history. Maybe even contacting some locals to meet up with if we can find some connections with the post runner.


Other stuff of interest...

Regarding Duncan's diet, Ian and I came up with the idea of approaching some local artisan/traditional bakers to make some bread at the time of the film shoot, for me to eat on my journey.  We could even go as far as filming them baking it. 

I am also toying with the idea of finding someone who makes old fashioned clothing and bags etc, to make a sheepskin knapsack.  Even a boot makers to make footwear as close to what he would have worn as possible.

I also need to find 2 locations, places to stay on route. Possibly old bothies or stone barns.  Or maybe contacting someone in an old village on route, and seeing if I can stay in a traditional cottage or farm building.

I was given the contact details of a chap who runs Wildernessup last week.  He has contacts in he Whisky (Talisker and Kilchoman)industry and the Scottish Tourist Board re; getting some big sponsors onboard for funding.  I have contacted him, and he is looking into it for me.

So this is where we are up to folks. I'll update this page soon....

Take it easy.

Kev :)