Back in September 2017 we headed up to the Lake District once again for another action packed film shoot.  This time a 4 day journey across stunning scenery with photographer, writer and expedition leader Ian Finch

We filmed Ian as he made his way across the mountains, valleys and forests of the Lake District on a photographic and poetical journey, where he used only a throwaway Kodak camera limited to just 27 images, to document the trip.  The idea was to go back to basics. To strip away the tech heavy, digitally busy era we live in, down to the bare bones.  This gave Ian the challenge of really looking more at the scenery, and to try and capture his feelings about the trip through a straight forward camera.  No expensive lenses.   No zoom.  No ability to record endless photos onto memory cards.  Just one man and 27 images.

Screenshot 2018-03-18 18.45.56.png
Screenshot 2018-03-18 18.48.34.png