Wilderness Weekends film series

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To film a whole series of 30 minute cinematic style documentaries which follows on from the Wilderness Weekend book.  Each location will be shot in a combination of info guide/doc style and cinematic, inspirational style.  Focusing on Phoebe being your guide to some of the most wild and out the way places, and magical and mystical camping spots in the UK. 

The films will high light the stunning scenery, local myths and legends, details on the routes to and from the camp pitch and aim to draw the viewer in with epic footage, beautiful detailed shots, and interesting pieces to camera. Along with atmospheric, uplifting and mystical soundscapes, the films will be a wonderful guide to some of the UK's most wild and scenic locations.

To be presented in more of a poetical style.  Where voice overs and pieces to camera are done in a manner that intrigues the viewer and captures their imagination. Phoebe's real connection with the outdoors and wild camping will come from somewhere deep within.  Magical, mystical and earthy pieces to camera.


The films are to go out on Sky travel channels, plus YouTube and Vimeo.  Also a stand alone website where all the films can be viewed.  May also include a blog.

Each episode could also combine two locations of similar style and or geographical style.  Such as mountains, forests or type of camping (tent, stone hut, cave or bothy etc). The film would then be a stunning journey through several locations, which will add to the interest giving the viewer more than just one pitch to wet their appetite!  

Pilot episode:

A pilot film will be produced to gain interest from sponsors and brands.  This will help fund the whole series of films and give us budget for expenses and hopefully pay the way to produce the rest of the episodes.

A sponsorship pitch document can be drawn up. To include full details on what to expect, giving details of why a perspective sponsor/brand would suit the project. Also to include all the background info on Phoebe's CV and experience, plus showing who SkyRise have worked with.  

The pilot would benefit from having a crew of two to film on location. Ultimately it will be just me to film the main episodes.  But to make sure we get sponsors onboard, and to maximise on the first shoot, two camera operators would be advantageous. 

Crew will be Kev as director/camera operator and Gav Gaps as second camera operator/drone pilot.  Gave was part of the crew on Ian Finches film shoot.  A great guy and he really knows his stuff.  A brilliant eye for detail. 

Once we have a budget, it will then give us the financial freedom, time and space for me to be able to handle filming the episodes on my own.  Time to be able to run about and get all the shots in.  Wide shots, drone footage and time lapse etc. It would be also beneficial to invest in some broadcast quality cameras and lenses. 

Possible pilot film locations:

As discussed, two locations would suit.  To give the film more content and interest

North Wales/Snowdonia:

Croeser, North Wales & Carneddau, Snowdonia.

Both locations within easy reach of each other.  Could be filmed in 3 days, 2 nights. 

Once we have decided on the location for the pilot, we can then storyboard the film.  This will be a key part of all the WW project locations. Drawing on Phoebe's prior knowledge of the locations, we can write up a definite filming guide for each spot.  Down to details such as where to do pieces to camera and what to say, to places to fly the drone, get long shots etc. In this way we do not waste anytime on each shoot, and get more time to get the shots we want.

Next step would be to choose a date to film the pilot episode.  Then we can work towards that date...

Let's do this... :)


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